Welcome to Rich City!

Thank you for being part of the Rich City alpha development!

When choosing what account to create, the Metamask account login option requires the Metamask browser extension to be added and enabled. Upon selecting this account method, you will be prompted with a popup from Metamask. This will connect your account to the Rich City game. All progress will be saved, and you will be able to access your account from any web browser that has the same Metamask account logged in.

A Guest account will create an account that is browser limited. This means that your guest account will only exist for the current browser being used. This account also cannot be accessed from any other device. The Guest account is intended for players to access Rich City without Metamask. Please note, while not relevant to this current release of Rich City, in future any Blockchain specific actions or elements of Rich City will be inaccessible to the Guest account

WebGL builds are not supported on mobile devices